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      RS 30:2375     


§2375.  Access to facilities for emergency response

A.  When there has been a release subject to the reporting requirements of R.S. 30:2373(B), the owners and operators of the facility where the release occurred shall, upon the request or demand, allow access to the facility by the designated local emergency response agency without delay; however, each representative of the designated local emergency response agency seeking access to the facility shall be certified or qualified in the handling of hazardous materials by an appropriate governmental agency and qualified in dealing with the particular emergency and the equipment and/or the facility involved.  The parish governing authority shall designate one local emergency response agency which shall have access to facilities within the parish pursuant to this Section.  The owner or operator of a facility where a release has occurred may delay access to the facility for a reasonable period of time, to the extent necessary in order to secure the facility, insure immediate safety, preserve property, or verify the authority of those persons seeking access to the facility pursuant to this Section.

B.  An owner or operator who fails to comply with the requirements of this Section shall be subject to a civil fine of five thousand dollars.

C.  The fine provided for in this Subsection shall be due, in the aggregate, to the agencies denied access in violation of this Section and may be levied by the district court of the parish in which the violations occurred.

D.  Each representative of a state or local emergency response agency provided access to a facility under this Section shall be under the strict supervision of facility personnel and shall not take any direct action to respond to the release unless specifically authorized to do so by such facility personnel.

E.  None of the provisions of this Section shall prohibit or hinder the Transportation and Environmental Safety Section of the Office of State Police from coordinating an emergency response as authorized in R.S. 30:2376.

Acts 1995, No. 1037, §1.

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