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      RS 30:2392     


§2392.  Purpose

The legislature hereby finds and declares that the use of potable water for nonpotable uses, including but not limited to cemeteries, golf courses, parks, highway landscaped areas, and industrial uses, is a waste of our most precious natural resource, which is an essential element for life.  There is a need for a reliable source of water for uses that should not draw from the supply of potable water.  With the proper investment and development of the necessary infrastructure, the creation of dependable reclaimed water resources will meet nonpotable needs and relieve stress on potable water resources.  A drought-proof supply of water will assist industry and encourage economic development.  In furtherance of  the legislature's constitutional mandate to protect the natural resources of the state as provided in Article IX, Section 1 of the Constitution of Louisiana, there is hereby established the Louisiana Reclaimed Water Law.

Acts 2003, No. 985, §1.

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