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      RS 30:24     


§24.  Enforcement of well, structure, and pipeline rules, regulations, and orders

A.  Whenever, on the basis of any information, the commissioner determines that any person is in violation of any rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to R.S. 30:4(D), he shall give written notice to the violator of his failure to comply with such rule or regulation.  If such violation extends beyond the thirtieth day after notification, the commissioner after notice and hearing may issue an order requiring compliance within a specified time period or he may commence a civil action in the district court in the parish in which the violation occurred for appropriate relief.

B.  If such violator fails to take corrective action within the time specified in the order, he shall be liable for a civil penalty, to be assessed by the commissioner, of not more than two hundred dollars for each day of continued non-compliance.  No penalty shall be assessed until the person charged shall have been given notice and an opportunity for a hearing on such charge.  In determining the amount of the penalty, or the amount agreed upon in compromise, the gravity of the violation, and the demonstrated good faith of the person charged in attempting to achieve rapid compliance after notification of a violation, shall be considered by the commissioner.

Added by Acts 1979, No. 674, §2.

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