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      RS 30:2411     




§2411.  Legislative findings; purpose; intent; application

A.(1)  The legislature finds that removal of certain materials from the solid waste stream going into landfills currently being utilized for the disposal of solid waste in Louisiana is necessary in order to protect our environment, prevent nuisances, protect the public health, safety, and welfare, extend the usable life of the facilities, aid in the conservation and recovery of valuable resources, and to conserve energy by efficient reuse of these products, thereby benefiting all citizens of the state.

(2)  The legislature further finds that the identification of markets and distribution networks for recyclable or recycled materials is a necessary prerequisite to the orderly development of statewide recycling programs.

(3)  The legislature further finds that the state must demonstrate its commitment to proper solid waste management by establishing source separation and recycling programs, and by encouraging market development through the purchase of recycled products by the state government.

B.  It is declared to be the purpose of this Chapter to:

(1)  Establish a goal of reducing the solid waste stream through waste reduction, reuse, and recycling by thirty percent by December 31, 2006.

(2)  Encourage the development of solid waste reduction and recycling as a management procedure at all solid waste facilities in the state and to promote recovery of recyclable materials so as to preserve and enhance the quality of air, water, and land resources.

(3)  Encourage the development of the state's recycling industry, thereby conserving the natural resources and energy through reuse.

(4)  Require state agencies to procure recycled goods to the maximum extent possible.

(5)  Encourage political subdivisions to develop recycling programs allowing each subdivision flexibility to choose the type of program most advantageous to each.

(6)  Develop and implement effective public education programs concerning recycling in order to encourage recycling so as to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the land, waters, and air of the state.

(7)  Encourage the expansion of businesses located in Louisiana and to whatever extent possible, to look favorably on Louisiana businesses in the recycling industry, which industry includes, but is not limited to those businesses that manufacture, distribute, or act as brokers for recycled products.

C.  It is the intent of the legislature, whenever economically feasible and as markets allow, to continually expand the policies of the state to require utilization of recycled resources in the daily operations of the state.

D.  The provisions of this Chapter shall only apply to waste that is nonhazardous under the provisions of this Subtitle and the rules adopted pursuant thereto.

Acts 1989, No. 185, §1, eff. Sept. 1, 1989; Acts 1995, No. 1297, §1; Acts 2006, No. 829, §1.

{{NOTE:  SEE §§2 AND 3 OF ACTS 1989, NO. 185.}}

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