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      RS 30:2416     


§2416.  Compost standards and applications

A.  Within six months after September 1, 1989, the department shall initiate rulemaking to prescribe allowable uses and application rates of compost sold as a product, and to establish the requirements necessary to produce hygienically safe compost products for various applications.  

B.  The rules shall classify the compost according to the following categories:

(1)  The types of waste composted, including at least one category containing only yard trash.  

(2)  The maturity of the compost, including at least three categories for degree of decomposition for fresh, semimature, and mature compost.  

(3)  Categories based on levels of organic and inorganic constituents in the compost.  

C.  These rules shall establish methods for measuring:

(1)  Compost maturity.  

(2)  Particle size.  

(3)  Moisture content.  

(4)  Average levels of organic and inorganic constituents, including heavy metals, for such classes of compost as the department establishes, and the analytical methods to determine those levels.  

D.  The rules shall also prescribe:

(1)  The total quantity of organic and inorganic constituents, including heavy metals, allowed to be applied through the addition of compost to the soil per acre per year.  

(2)  The allowable uses of compost based on maturity and type of compost.  

E.  If compost is produced that does not meet the criteria prescribed by the department for agricultural and other uses, the compost must be reprocessed or disposed of in a manner approved by the department, unless a different application is specifically permitted by the department.  

F.  The department shall work with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry in developing the standards and in seeking ways to promote the use and development of markets for composted materials.  

G.  The provisions of this Section shall not apply to compost produced by an individual for his own use.  

Acts 1989, No. 185, §1, eff. Sept.  1, 1989.  

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