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      RS 30:2422     


§2422.  Containers and packaging

A.  The secretary shall adopt rules and regulations to set goals to phase out the disposal of materials which have known recycling potential, which can be feasibly recycled, or have been diverted or removed from the solid waste stream for sale, use, or reuse, by separation, collection, or processing.  Such rules shall include the provisions for establishment of a list of recyclable materials.  No rules and regulations adopted by the secretary shall apply to any materials prior to their entering into the solid waste stream.  

B.  The department shall, at least annually, review the list of recyclable items.  This review shall consider the available recycling technologies, markets, cost, and any other factors as deemed to be appropriate when compiling and reviewing the list of recyclable items.  

C.  The secretary may require each solid waste management facility to provide for a drop-off location for source separated recyclable materials if deemed necessary to meet the purposes and goals of this Chapter.  

D.  On or after January 1, 1991, no person shall knowingly and intentionally distribute, sell, or offer for sale in this state any plastic bottle sixteen ounces or larger, or rigid plastic containers eight ounces or larger unless the product is labeled with a code indicating the plastic resin used to produce the bottle or container.  Rigid plastic bottles or rigid plastic containers with labels and basecups of a different material shall be coded by their basic material.  The code shall conform to the code developed by the Society of the Plastics Industry.  

E.  On or after January 1, 1991, no container shall knowingly and intentionally be sold or offered for sale in this state that is connected to other containers by a separate holding device constructed of plastic rings unless such rings are composed of such material which is capable of being recycled or degraded in one hundred twenty days or less.  

Acts 1989, No. 185, §1, eff. Sept.  1, 1989.  

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