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      RS 30:2484     


§2484. Uses of fund

            A. Money in the fund may be disbursed for the following purposes and no others:

            (1) Administrative and personnel expenses of the office of the coordinator, excluding those of the oil spill technical assistance program.

            (2) Removal costs related to abatement and containment of actual or threatened unauthorized discharges of oil incidental to unauthorized discharges of hazardous substances.

            (3) Removal costs and damages related to actual or threatened unauthorized discharges of oil as provided in this Chapter.

            (4) Protection, assessment, restoration, rehabilitation, or replacement of or mitigation of damage to natural resources damaged by an unauthorized discharge of oil as provided in this Chapter.

            (5) Grants, with the approval of the interagency council, for interagency contracts as provided in R.S. 30:2495, including grants specifically for the purposes of research, testing, and development of discharge and blowout prevention and training using full scale well service training.

            (6) The Oil Spill Technical Assistance Program established in R.S. 30:2480(C)(4).

            (7) Operating costs and contracts for response and prevention as provided in this Chapter.

            (8) Other costs and damages authorized by this Chapter.

             B. Any state agency or political subdivision seeking an appropriation from the fund or proposing expenditures utilizing money from the fund must notify the coordinator in writing before submitting the appropriation request to the legislature.

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