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      RS 30:2544     


§2544.  Litter-free zones; temporary signs, handbills, flyers and notices; notice to remove; penalties

A.  The public rights-of-way of all state, parish, and municipal roads, highways, and streets are hereby declared litter-free zones.  No person shall dispose of litter, as both terms are defined in R.S. 30:2522(3) and (6), in a litter-free zone.

B.  Each local governing authority should make a reasonable effort to recycle any recyclable litter collected in litter-free zones and shall use the proceeds from the sale of recyclable litter solely for the purposes of litter abatement in drug-free zones.

C.  For the purposes of this Section, littering shall also be defined to include the posting, erecting, or displaying on any surface, pole, or stanchion of temporary signs, handbills, flyers, and notices, including but not limited to political campaign signs.  However, no person shall be held in violation of any provision of this Section unless:

(1)  The owner of a temporary sign, handbill, flyer, or notice fails to remove such item within thirty days after receiving notice, by certified mail, indicating the location or locations of such item and directing the immediate removal thereof.

(2)  In the case of political signs, the candidate for political office, who is deemed to be the owner of the sign, fails to remove the sign within thirty days following the general election for the office which the sign was posted.

D.  Whoever violates the provisions of this Section shall be fined in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 30:2531(A); however, for purposes of Subsection C of this Section no fine shall be assessed unless the owner has been properly notified as required by that Subsection.

E.  Nothing in this Section shall be construed to abrogate or affect any ordinance of any political subdivision of the state which may be more restrictive than the provisions of this Section.

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