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      RS 30:2565     


§2565.  Excellence and Leadership Program

A.  The Excellence and Leadership Program shall allow regulatory flexibility to participants who agree to conduct a demonstration project that provides superior environmental performance.

B.  In addition to meeting the minimum requirements in R.S. 30:2564 for participating in the Louisiana Environmental Regulatory Innovations Programs, any participant in this program shall also demonstrate that:

(1)  A stakeholder group is involved in the demonstration project.

(2)  The demonstration project reduces paperwork or financial costs.

(3)  The demonstration project is transferable to other members of the regulated community.

(4)  The demonstration project should not unduly shift the risk burden to citizens or communities.

(5)  The pollution goals of the demonstration project are verifiable and enforceable.

(6)  The project is consistent with federal laws and regulations.

Acts 1997, No. 992, §1.

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