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      RS 30:2566     


§2566.  Regulations

On or before January 30, 1998, the secretary shall promulgate regulations, pursuant to the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, for the administration of the Louisiana Environmental Regulatory Innovations Programs including the Excellence and Leadership Program. The regulations shall provide for but are not limited to:

(1)  Developing regulatory flexibility for participants in the Excellence and Leadership Program.

(2)  Encouraging facility owners and operators to assess the pollution they emit or cause, directly and indirectly, to the air, water, and land.

(3)  Encouraging facility owners and operators to innovate, set measurable and verifiable goals, and implement effective pollution prevention, or other pollution reduction strategies for their facilities, while complying with verifiable and enforceable pollution limits.

(4)  Encouraging superior environmental performance and continuous improvement toward sustainable levels of resource usage and minimization of pollution discharges.

(5)  Establishing a priority system for the selection of demonstration projects.

(6)  Reducing the time and money spent by the department and facility owners and operators on paperwork and other administrative tasks that do not benefit the environment.

(7)  Increasing public participation and requiring stakeholder participation in the development of innovative environmental regulatory methods and in monitoring the environmental performance of projects under this Chapter.

(8)  Encouraging groups of facilities and communities to work together to reduce pollution to levels lower than levels required by applicable law.

Acts 1997, No. 992, §1.

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