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      RS 30:412     


§412.  Measure of damages for failure to supply

When failure to supply natural gas pursuant to a contract is the result of compulsory reallocation or curtailment not otherwise excepted by this Part, the damages due to the former purchaser/recipient shall adhere to the following guidelines:

(1)  The general rule is that damages are the amount of the loss the purchaser has sustained or the gain of which he has been deprived.

(2)  Where applicable, the injured purchaser shall be entitled to recover the cost of alternate fuel based upon the cost of such alternate fuel suitably adjusted for loss of efficiency and increased maintenance costs.

(3)  Where applicable, the injured purchaser shall be entitled to all reasonable costs of converting to any alternate fuel.  This reimbursement for conversion shall cover charges for transportation, handling, storage, disposal, mechanical adjustments, and new equipment which the conversion necessitates.

(4)  The injured purchaser shall be entitled to reimbursement of reasonable attorney's fees pursuant to any action hereunder.

Added by Acts 1977, No. 674, §1.

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