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      RS 30:413     


§413.  Certified emergencies; suspension of act

A.  Whenever there is a compulsory reallocation or curtailment of natural gas resulting in a failure to supply natural gas in Louisiana pursuant to a contract, the assistant secretary, on call of the governor, shall hold a public hearing for the purpose of determining whether, as a result of extreme shortages of natural gas an emergency condition exists within a locality, municipality, parish or region of the state or elsewhere within the United States.

B.  In the event that such an emergency is determined to exist, the assistant secretary shall certify such fact to the governor, who shall immediately thereafter issue an official order to that effect.

C.  Upon issuance of such order the effect of this Part shall be suspended and inapplicable as regards any action for damages otherwise available herein and arising as a result of compulsory reallocation or curtailment pursuant to the emergency hereinabove declared.

D.  This Section shall not preclude a purchaser of natural gas in Louisiana from instituting legal proceedings otherwise available in the event of failure of a supplier to deliver natural gas pursuant to a gas sales agreement with that purchaser if curtailment or reallocation of natural gas results in whole or part from the negligence of the supplier.

Added by Acts 1977, No. 674, §1.

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