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      RS 30:42     


§42.  Right to purchase gas

Every person, engaged in the business of purchasing and selling natural gas in this state, shall be a common purchaser thereof, and shall purchase all of the natural gas which may be offered for sale which may be brought in pipes and connecting lines by the owner or proposed seller to its trunk lines, at the sellers' expense, or to its gathering lines, without discrimination in favor of one producer as against another, or in favor of any one source of supply as against another save as authorized by the commissioner of conservation after due notice and hearing.  If a person is unable to purchase all the gas offered, then he shall purchase natural gas from each producer ratably, and each common purchaser of gas shall have the same right to purchase the production of a gas well that is not being utilized under the conditions of this Section.  In the event the owner of the well refuses to sell, the common purchaser shall have the same rights of action against the owner as the seller has against the common purchaser who refuses to buy, and the seller refusing to sell shall be subject to the same penalties as are provided against the common purchaser who refuses to buy.  This Section shall not affect in any way a municipal corporation engaged in buying and selling natural gas.

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