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      RS 30:559     


§559.  Registration and information required by the assistant secretary

A.  The assistant secretary may prescribe rules and regulations requiring that all persons operating, managing, or otherwise administering natural gas transmission pipelines or natural gas transmission pipeline companies register with the assistant secretary.

B.  It is declared that the business of transporting natural gas in or through the state of Louisiana is affected with a public interest and that state regulation of matters relating to the transportation of said natural gas is necessary in the public interest to conserve natural resources of the state and to prevent physical and economical waste.

C.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter or any other law to the contrary, the assistant secretary may promulgate and enforce rules and regulations relative to natural gas transmission pipeline safety, including requirements for the performance of periodic hydrostatic pressure tests to confirm or revise maximum allowable operating pressures.

Added by Acts 1977, No. 661, §2.

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