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      RS 30:75     


§75.  Abandoned oilfield waste sites; declaration

A.  A site may be declared to be an abandoned oilfield waste site by the commissioner upon a finding that the site:

(1)  Has received for storage, treatment, or disposal or now contains or emits wastes that are identified, classified, or defined to be oilfield wastes in accordance with the regulations adopted under the provisions of this Chapter.

(2)  Was not closed or maintained in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter and the regulations adopted hereunder.

(3)  Constitutes or may constitute a danger or potential danger to the public health, the environment, or an oil or gas strata.

(4)  Has no financially responsible owner or operator who can be located, or such person has failed or refused to undertake actions ordered by the commissioner under this Part.

B.  For the purposes of this Part, "financially responsible person" or "responsible person" shall mean that the person has insurance, bonds, or assets sufficient to take action as necessary or as ordered by the commissioner to test, monitor, contain, control, close, and provide post-closure care for an abandoned oilfield waste site owned or operated, in whole or part, by that person.

C.  Prior to declaring a waste site to be an abandoned oilfield waste site, the commissioner shall seek to notify every person who may own an interest therein that the waste site is to be declared abandoned, shall publish on three consecutive occasions in the official journal of the parish in which the waste site is located that is to be declared abandoned, and, if requested by any owner or operator, within ten days after notice, shall hold a fact-finding hearing prior to declaring the waste site abandoned.

D.  Upon declaration that a waste site is an abandoned oilfield waste site, the commissioner may take such specific legal actions as he deems necessary, including the acquisition of easements and rights-of-way, conducting negotiations for property acquisition, and exercise of eminent domain as provided by R.S. 30:78 to secure such waste site or compel cleanup or containment consistent with regulations and guidelines established hereunder.

E.  When a waste site has been declared an abandoned oilfield waste site, the commissioner is authorized to undertake the physical control, containment, pit cleanup, or closure of the abandoned waste site and may retain personnel for these purposes who shall operate under his direction.

Acts 1986, No. 892, §1, eff. July 10, 1986.

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