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      RS 30:88     


§88.  Oilfield site trust accounts

A.  If an oilfield site is transferred from one party to another, a site-specific trust account may be established to separately account for each such site for the purpose of providing a source of funds for site restoration of that oilfield site at such time in the future when restoration of that oilfield site is required.  For purposes of this Part, a transfer shall be deemed to have been made once there is a change in ownership of any kind at an oilfield site.  Once established, the site-specific trust account shall survive until completion of site restoration of the associated oilfield site.

B.  In the event the parties to a transfer elect to establish a site-specific trust account under this Section, the assistant secretary shall require an oilfield site restoration assessment to be made to determine the site restoration requirements existing at the time of the transfer, or at the time the site-specific trust account is established.  The oilfield site restoration assessment shall be conducted by approved site assessment contractors appearing on a list approved by the commission or acceptable to the commission.  The oilfield site restoration assessment shall specifically detail site restoration needs and shall provide an estimate of the site restoration costs needed to restore the oilfield site based on the conditions existing at the time of transfer, or at the time the site-specific trust account is established.

C.  The party or parties to the transfer shall, based upon the site restoration assessment, propose a funding schedule which will provide for the site-specific trust account.  The funding schedule shall consider the uniqueness of each transfer, acquiring party, and oilfield site.  Funding of the site-specific trust account shall include some contribution to the account at the time of transfer and at least quarterly payments to the account.  Cash or bonds in a form and of a type acceptable to the assistant secretary, or any combination thereof, may also be considered for funding.  The assistant secretary shall monitor each trust account to assure that it is being properly funded.  The funds in each trust account shall remain the property of the commission.

D.  The assistant secretary may approve the site-specific trust account for an oilfield site upon review of the assessment and the site-specific trust account that has been proposed for that oilfield site as provided in the regulations.  Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

E.  When transfers of oilfield sites occur subsequent to the formation of site-specific trust accounts but prior to the end of their economic life, the assistant secretary and the acquiring party shall, in the manner provided for in this Section, again redetermine cost and agree upon a funding schedule.  The balance of any site-specific trust account at the time of subsequent transfer shall remain with the oilfield site and shall be a factor in the redetermination.

F.  Once the assistant secretary has approved the site-specific trust account, and the account is fully funded, the party transferring the oilfield site and all prior owners, operators, and working interest owners shall not thereafter be held liable by the state for any site restoration costs or actions associated with the transferred oilfield site.  The party acquiring the oilfield site shall thereafter be the responsible party for the purposes of this Part.

G.  The failure of a transferring party to make a good faith disclosure of all oilfield site conditions existing at the time of the transfer may render that party liable for the costs of restoration of such undisclosed conditions in excess of the balance of the site-specific trust fund.

H.  Except as provided in Subsection E, the parties to a transfer may elect not to establish a site-specific trust account; however, in the absence of such account, the parties shall not be exempt from liability as set forth in Subsection F of this Section.

I.  Subject to agreement between the assistant secretary, the seller and the purchaser of an oilfield site sold prior to August 15, 1993, a site-specific trust account can be established or transferred to the state.

J.  For unusable oilfield sites, after site restoration has been completed and approved by the assistant secretary, funds from a site-specific trust account shall be disbursed as follows:

(1)  The balance of the account existing in the site-specific trust account will be remitted to the responsible party.

(2)  Such account shall thereafter be closed.

Acts 1993, No. 404, §2; Acts 1997, No. 994, §1; Acts 2001, No. 14, §1.

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