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      RS 30:905.2     


§905.2.  Reclamation Plan

A.  The office of conservation will submit to the secretary of the Interior a state reclamation plan to carry out the purposes of this Section.

B.  The state reclamation plan shall generally identify both coal and non-coal problem areas to be reclaimed, the purposes for which the reclamation is proposed, the relationship of the lands to be reclaimed and the proposed reclamation to surrounding areas, the specific criteria for ranking and identifying projects to be funded, and the legal authority and programmatic capability to perform this work in conformance with the provisions of this Chapter.

C.  The office may submit an annual application for the support of the state program and implementation of specific reclamation projects to the secretary of the interior.  These annual requests shall include such information as may be requested by the secretary.

D.  The office may provide annual and other reports required by the secretary of the Interior to accompany the annual request for support required in Subsection C of this Section.

E.  The costs for each proposed project under this Section shall include: actual construction costs, actual operation and maintenance costs of permanent facilities, planning and engineering costs, construction inspection costs, and other necessary administrative expenses.

Acts 1985, No. 281, §1; Acts 2008, No. 278, §§1, 3.

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