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      RS 30:911     


§911.  Revision of permits

A.(1)  During the term of the permit the permittee may submit an application for a revision of the permit, together with a revised reclamation plan, to the commissioner.

(2)  An application for a revision of a permit shall not be approved unless the commissioner finds that reclamation as required by this Chapter and the regulations issued pursuant to this Chapter can be accomplished under the revised reclamation plan.  The revision shall be approved or disapproved within a period of time established by the commissioner.  The commissioner shall establish guidelines for a determination of the scale or extent of a revision request for which all permit application information requirements and procedures, including notice and hearings, shall apply.  Any revisions which propose significant alterations in the reclamation plan shall, at a minimum, be subject to notice and hearing requirements.  Insignificant departures, as permitted by regulations issued pursuant to this Chapter, in a permitted mining and reclamation plan which will not adversely affect the environmental impact of the surface coal mining and reclamation operations shall not require the revision of a permit pursuant to this Section.  Notice of all such insignificant departures in a mining and reclamation plan shall be submitted to the commissioner in the operator's next monthly report and the commissioner may, within thirty days after receipt of the operator's monthly report, require the operator to submit an application for a permit revision pursuant to this Section.

(3)  Any extensions to the area covered by the permit except incidental boundary revisions must be made by application for another permit.

B.  No transfer, assignment, or sale of the rights granted under any permit issued pursuant to this Chapter shall be made without the written approval of the commissioner; Provided, that the commissioner shall approve a transfer, assignment or sale to the parent or a subsidiary of the permittee, or to an affiliate of, or a person controlled by or under common control with, the permittee, if the permittee satisfies the commissioner that the transfer, assignment or sale will not jeopardize the accomplishment of the objectives of this Chapter.

C.  The commissioner shall, within a time limit prescribed in the regulations issued pursuant to this Chapter, review outstanding permits and may require reasonable revision or modification of the permit provisions during the term of such permit: Provided, that such revision or modification shall be based upon a written finding and subject to notice and hearing requirements established by the regulations issued pursuant to this Chapter.

Acts 1978, No. 406, §1.  Amended by Acts 1980, No. 121, §3, eff. June 27, 1980.

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