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      RS 32:1251     





§1251.  Declaration of public policy

The legislature finds and declares that the distribution and sale of motor vehicles and recreational products in the state of Louisiana vitally affects the general economy of the state, the public interest, and the public welfare, and that in order to promote the public interest, and the public welfare, and in the exercise of its police power, it is necessary to regulate and to license those persons enumerated in R.S. 32:1254 and doing business in Louisiana, in order to prevent frauds, impositions, and other abuses upon its citizens, and avoid undue control of the independent motor vehicle dealer and recreational products by their motor vehicle manufacturing and distributive organizations and foster and keep alive vigorous and healthy competition, by prohibiting unfair practices by which fair and honest competition is destroyed or prevented, and to protect the public against the creation or perpetuation of monopolies and practices detrimental to the public welfare, to prevent the practice of requiring the buying, leasing, or renting of special features, appliances, and equipment not desired or requested by the purchaser, lessee, or renter, to prevent false and misleading advertising, to prevent unfair practices by said licensees, to promote the public safety and prevent disruption of the system of distribution of motor vehicles and recreational products to the public and prevent deterioration of facilities for servicing motor vehicles and keeping same safe and properly functioning, and prevent bankrupting of motor vehicle and recreational products dealers and lessors, who might otherwise be caused to fail because of such unfair practices and competition, thereby resulting in unemployment, disruption of leases, and nonpayment of taxes and loans, and contribute to an inevitable train of undesirable consequences, including economic depression.

Acts 1985, No. 911, §1; Acts 2005, No. 500, §1, eff. July 12, 2005; Acts 2009, No. 403, §1, eff. July 7, 2009; Acts 2012, No. 326, §3.

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