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      RS 32:1259     


§1259.  Injunctions; cease and desist orders

A.  The commission is hereby authorized without posting of cost, bond, or deposit to institute an injunctive action in the district court for the parish in which the commission office is located or the district court for the parish in which the alleged offender is domiciled to enforce the provisions of this Chapter and any other law, rule, or regulation relating to the business for which a license is granted under this Chapter.

B.(1)  If it appears to the commission at any time that a person is violating the provisions of this Chapter or any rule or order of the commission issued pursuant to this Chapter, it shall notify the person engaged in such conduct to appear and show cause why a cease and desist order should not be issued prohibiting the proscribed conduct.  An interlocutory cease and desist order may be granted with or without bond or other undertaking if one of the following occurs:

(a)  Such an order is necessary to the performance of the duties delegated to the commission by this Chapter or is otherwise necessary or convenient to maintaining the status quo between two or more adverse parties before the commission.

(b)  A party before the commission is entitled to relief demanded of the commission and all or part of the relief requires the restraint of some act prejudicial to the party.

(c)  A person is performing or is about to perform or is procuring or allowing the performance of an act relating to the subject of a contested case pending before the commission, in violation of the rights of a party before the commission, and the act would tend to render the commission's order in that case ineffectual.

(d)  Substantial injury to the rights of a person subject to the commission's jurisdiction is threatened irrespective of any remedy at law.

(2)  Interlocutory cease and desist orders shall remain in effect until vacated or until incorporated into a final commission order. Permanent cease and desist orders may issue without regard to the enumerations in Paragraph (1) of this Subsection, but only in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter pertaining to the issuance of final commission orders.  Appeal of any interlocutory cease and desist order shall be made to the commission prior to seeking judicial review under the provisions of this Chapter.  Appeal of a permanent cease and desist order shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter pertaining to judicial review of final orders.

Acts 1985, No. 911, §1; Acts 2005, No. 500, §1, eff. July 12, 2005.

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