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      RS 32:1477     


§1477.  Department's findings; order

A.  If the department finds that such person is not the same person named in the aforesaid abstract, or that he is not a habitual offender under this Chapter, the proceeding shall be dismissed, but if the department finds that such person is the same person named in the abstract and that such person is a habitual offender, the department shall so find, and by appropriate order, shall direct that such person not operate a motor vehicle on the highways of this state and shall surrender to the department all licenses or permits to operate a motor vehicle upon the highways of this state.

B.(1)  Upon revocation of a driver's license for the first time as provided for under this Section the person whose license has been revoked, upon administrative determination that he is a habitual offender, shall have the right to file a petition in the district court of the parish in which the applicant is domiciled alleging that revocation of his driving privileges will deprive him or his family of the necessities of life or will prevent him from earning a livelihood.

(2)  The district court is vested with jurisdiction to set the matter for contradictory hearing in open court upon ten days written notice to the department, and thereupon to determine whether the allegations of hardship have merit.

(3)  Upon determination by the court that the lack of a license would deprive the person or his family of the necessities of life, the court may order that the person be granted a restricted license to enable the person to continue to support his family.  The restrictions on the license shall be determined by the court and shall include the following:

(a)  Licensee shall only be permitted to operate a motor vehicle on such streets as would enable him to earn his livelihood.

(b)  Such operation is restricted to times during which he is involved in earning a livelihood.

(c)  During the period of revocation, licensee shall be responsible for applying to the court in the event earning his livelihood necessitates a change in the original restrictions imposed by the court.

(d)  Any other restrictions that the court determines are necessary and proper.

C.(1)  A violation of the restrictions or a subsequent conviction of any offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle during the terms of the restricted license shall result in the forfeiture of the restricted license and the reimposition of the full three-year term of revocation and shall also constitute contempt of court.

(2)  Suspension, revocation, or cancellation that results from such a violation shall not be subject to appeal.

(3)  The restricted driving privileges for this Section shall be allowed to a person only once.

Added by Acts 1972, No. 697, §1.  Amended by Acts 1982, No. 555, §1; Acts 1983, No. 621, §1; Acts 1990, No. 933, §1.

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