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      RS 32:1520     


§1520. Careless handling of hazardous material

            A. Any person who offers or accepts for transportation, loads or unloads, or transports a hazardous material or a hazardous waste in a careless or imprudent manner without regard for the hazards of the material or the circumstances of such actions shall be guilty of careless handling.

            B. Any person who violates this Section shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined or imprisoned in accordance with R.S. 32:1514(A) or may be civilly penalized in accordance with R.S. 32:1512(A).

            C. A person shall not be cited with a violation of this Section when that person or his representative reports an incident involving a hazardous material that does not meet the reporting criteria as set forth in R.S. 32:1510.

            Acts 1984, No. 327, §2; Acts 1992, No. 269, §1; Acts 2016, No. 632, §1.

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