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      RS 32:1522     


§1522.  Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Fund

A.  Subject to the exceptions contained in Article VII, Section 9 of the Constitution of Louisiana, all monies collected under R.S. 32:1512, 1518, 1519, and 1520 shall be paid into the state treasury and shall be credited to the Bond Security and Redemption Fund.  Out of the funds remaining in the Bond Security and Redemption Fund, after a sufficient amount is allocated from that fund to pay all obligations secured by the full faith and credit of the state which become due and payable within a fiscal year, the treasurer shall, prior to placing such remaining funds in the state general fund, pay into a special fund, which is hereby created in the state treasury and designated as the "Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Fund", hereinafter referred to as the fund, an amount equal to all monies collected under R.S. 32:1512, 1518, 1519, and 1520.  The amount of money deposited out of the money collected pursuant to R.S. 32:1512, 1518, 1519, and 1520 shall not exceed three hundred fifty thousand dollars annually.  Any monies in excess of that amount shall revert to the general fund.

B.  Monies in the fund shall be used only to develop those resources within the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, office of state police, transportation and environmental safety section, hazardous materials unit necessary for training, equipment, and support1 state police hazardous materials response unit.

Acts 1999, No. 819, §1.

1As appears in enrolled bill.

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