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      RS 32:1721     


§1721.  Self-park storage facility notification procedure

A.  If the storage garage or parking lot is of the type where vehicles are driven in and left in storage and the entrance to the facility is controlled manually or mechanically similar to parking facilities usually found at airports and railway stations, the garage or parking lot shall operate under some system whereby the length of time the vehicle has been in storage can readily be determined within one week of the time the vehicle was left, and should a vehicle be brought to such a garage or parking facility with the intent to remain there over twenty days, arrangements must be made in writing with the operator of the parking facility.

B.  Any vehicle left at such a garage or parking facility for more than twenty days which has no written arrangements recorded must be reported to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections as outlined in R.S. 32:1719 and must be reported to the owner as outlined in R.S. 32:1720.

Acts 1989, No. 522, §1.

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