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      RS 32:1735     


§1735.  Driver's selection of licensed tow company; law enforcement rotation list; minimum requirements; removal from rotation list

A.  When a law enforcement officer determines that a motor vehicle must be towed, the law enforcement officer shall give the owner or operator of the motor vehicle the option to select a licensed towing company to tow his vehicle.  If the owner or operator of the motor vehicle is unable to select a licensed towing company, chooses not to select a particular licensed towing company, or an emergency situation requires the immediate removal of the vehicle, the next available licensed towing company on the approved law enforcement rotation list shall be called by the law enforcement officer to tow the vehicle.

B.  The towing company selected by the owner or operator of a motor vehicle or the law enforcement officer shall be allowed to respond to the call within forty-five minutes.  If the towing company fails to respond within forty-five minutes, the law enforcement officer may select the next available towing company from the approved rotation list.

C.  Law enforcement agencies may establish a rotation list of towing companies with tow trucks licensed in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 32:1716. However, prior to a tow truck company's participation on a law enforcement agency's rotation list, the tow truck company shall comply with the provisions of R.S. 45:164 and 180.1.  The Department of Public Safety and Corrections, office of state police, shall establish minimum standards, rules, and procedures for participation in a rotation list which shall be approved by the House and Senate transportation, highways, and public works committees prior to their adoption.  Any local law enforcement agency may adopt minimum standards consistent with the office of state police rules or comply with the standards established by the office of state police.

D.  No law enforcement officer shall recommend to the vehicle owner or operator a specific tow company to conduct a tow.  All tows shall be referred to the law enforcement rotation list or the authorized contractor for the law enforcement agency.  When the owner or operator exercises their option to select the tow company, such selection shall be duly noted on the tow invoice or the law enforcement record of the incident.

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