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      RS 32:233     


§233.  Pedestrian-control signals

Whenever special pedestrian-control signals exhibiting the words "Walk" or "Don't Walk" are in place, such signals shall indicate as follows:

(1)  Flashing or Steady WALK--A pedestrian facing the signal may proceed across the roadway in the direction of the signal and shall be given the right-of-way by a driver of a vehicle.

(2)  Flashing or Steady DON'T WALK--No pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway in the direction of the signal, but a pedestrian who has partially completed his crossing on the "Walk" signal shall proceed to a sidewalk or safety island while the "Don't Walk" signal is showing.

Acts 1962, No. 310, §1.  Amended by Acts 1978, No. 551, §1.

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