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      RS 32:390.21     



§390.21.  Louisiana Truck Center; creation; purpose

A.  Within the Department of Public Safety and Corrections there shall be established and is hereby created the Louisiana Truck Center, hereinafter referred to as the "truck center".  The purpose of this truck center shall be to serve as the headquarters and central location for motor carriers in obtaining all permits and for payment of any fees or charges required to engage in the motor carrier trade in the state of Louisiana.

B.(1)  For the purposes of this Section, "permit" means any license, certificate, registration, permit, or any other form of authorization required by a state agency to engage in the motor carrier trade in the state of Louisiana.

(2)  However, the provisions of this Part shall not apply to any permit or other form of authorization which requires the approval of the Public Service Commission after notification and public hearings.

C.  The truck center shall provide centralized services to assist motor carriers in identifying and securing all appropriate permits required to operate a motor carrier business in the state.  The goal of the truck center shall be to enable interested parties to secure permits and information regarding such permits at a single location.

Acts 1997, No. 273, §1.

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