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      RS 32:446     


§446.  Abandoned or stored motor vehicles of historic or special interest

Notwithstanding any provision of law relating to abandoned or stored motor vehicles to the contrary, no motor vehicle of historic or special interest or parts car which, because of its age, would be eligible for the special license plates issued by the commissioner to the owner of such vehicles shall be considered as an abandoned or an unclaimed, stored motor vehicle unless and until the provisions herein have been complied with.  If no action has been taken by the last known owner or by others entitled to ownership of the motor vehicle so that such abandoned or unclaimed, stored motor vehicle may be reclaimed, the municipality, parish or department of public safety, whichever intends to provide for the disposal of such vehicle, shall notify by certified letter or by other suitable means the nearest club or chapter of any national organization which has as its purpose the restoration of motor vehicles of historic or special interest of its intention to dispose of such motor vehicle.  Such notice shall allow adequate time for such club or chapter, or any individual member thereof, to buy or bid for such motor vehicle.

Added by Acts 1975, No. 641, §1.

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