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      RS 32:54     


§54.  Size, weight and load of vehicles limited

A.  No person shall drive or move any vehicle, nor cause or knowingly permit any vehicle owned or controlled by him to be driven or moved, on any highway of this state when such vehicle is of a size or weight exceeding the limitations stated in this Chapter or otherwise in violation of this Chapter, and the maximum size and weight of vehicles herein specified shall be lawful throughout the state.

B.  The provisions of this Chapter governing size, weight and load shall not apply to fire apparatus, vehicles and machinery used solely in the building of highways while actually temporarily engaged in work upon a highway, to implements of husbandry, including farm tractors temporarily moved upon a highway, or to a vehicle operated under the terms of a special permit issued as herein provided, or to trolley coaches or motor buses operated under a franchise or indeterminate permit wholly within the corporate limits of a municipality having a population of one hundred thousand or more inhabitants.

C.  These exceptions shall not include any vehicle or combinations of vehicles not used primarily for such purposes, nor ordinary commercial vehicles upon which are placed removable machinery for such purposes, nor vehicles designed for the purpose of evading the limitations of this Part.

Acts 1962, No. 310, §1.

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