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      RS 32:621     



§621.  Definitions

The following definitions shall apply for purposes of this Part:

(1)  "Brake fluid" means the fluid intended for use as the liquid medium through which force is transmitted in the hydraulic brake system of a vehicle operated upon the highways.

(2)  "Department" means the Department of Public Safety.

(3)  "Person" includes any individual, firm, corporation, partnership or association.

(4)  "Labeling" includes all written, printed, or graphic representations, in any form whatsoever, imprinted upon or affixed to any container of brake fluid or accompanying any brake fluid.

(5)  "Container" means any receptacle in which brake fluid is immediately contained when sold, but does not mean a carton or wrapping in which a number of such receptacles are shipped or stored or a tank car or truck.

(6)  "Permit period" means the period set by the department validating the permit.

Acts 1958, No. 279, §1.

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