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      RS 32:710     


§710. Security interests; priority; notation on certificate

            A. A security interest covering a titled motor vehicle subject to this Chapter shall be perfected as of the time the financing statement is received by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, so long as such receipt subsequently is validated by the secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

            B. The secretary shall, upon the request of any person, issue a certification whenever the financing statement is delivered to his office. Such certification receipt may include one or more security agreement applications.

            C. Security interests affecting titled motor vehicles, perfected by filing with the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, office of motor vehicles shall take priority in accordance with Chapter 9 of the Louisiana Commercial Laws.

            D. The holders of a security interest on motor vehicles who expressly or impliedly consent to such vehicles being placed on sale by the owners thereof in the state of Louisiana in the ordinary course of business shall be precluded from asserting the said security interest created by it against bona fide retail purchasers in actual good faith of said vehicles. Holders of such security interest shall be deemed to have impliedly consented to sales of the property free and clear of such security interest to bona fide retail purchasers in actual good faith whenever the debtor is a dealer duly licensed to sell the type of vehicles covered by the floor plan mortgage. Such consent may not be negated or withheld by any express provision in the security agreement when the debtor holds such an occupational license. For purposes of this Section, a bona fide retail purchaser in actual good faith shall be deemed to be any person, firm, partnership or corporation purchasing a vehicle, for individual or business use and not for resale from a licensed dealer, who does not in fact know of a security interest existing on the property purchased; however, the holders of security interests on vehicles who expressly or impliedly consent to such vehicles being placed on sale by the owner thereof in the ordinary course of business shall not be precluded from asserting said security interests created by it against group or bulk purchases whether said purchase is in good faith or not.

            E. The holder of a security interest covering a vehicle, upon presentation of a multiple original or certified copy of a multiple original, or photographic copy of the debtor's security agreement or financing statement, together with any respective certificate of title issued in this state or, if no certificate of title exists on such vehicle in this state, together with a proper application for certificate of title pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, and the fee prescribed by law, may have a notation of such security interest made on the face of such certificate of title in the order in which it was filed. The commissioner shall enter said notation over his signature and seal of office, and he also shall note such security interest and the date receipt thereof was validated, on the duplicate of said certificate in his file. The commissioner also shall indicate by appropriate notation on the instrument itself the fact that such security interest has been noted on the certificate of title.

            F. When such security interest is discharged, the requirements of R.S. 32:708 shall be complied with.

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