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      RS 32:712     


§712.  Ownership of vehicle passing otherwise than by voluntary transfer

On and after December 15, 1950, whenever the ownership of any vehicle shall pass otherwise than by voluntary transfer, the new owner shall obtain a certificate of title therefor upon presentation of an application for certificate of title and payment of the fee prescribed by this Chapter, accompanied by the prior certificate, if possible, and accompanied by such instruments or documents of authority, or certified copies thereof, as may be required by law to evidence or effect a transfer of title in movables in such case.  If the applicant obtains possession of a vehicle in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 6:965 et seq., he must present a certified copy of the order entitling him to take possession of the vehicle and an affidavit of possession verifying that he has, in fact, obtained possession of the vehicle in accordance with the terms of the judgment.  The commissioner, when satisfied of the genuineness of regularity of such transfer, shall issue a certificate of title to the person entitled thereto.  Such certificate of title shall contain a statement of any chattel mortgages of record in the office of the commissioner, unless such application is accompanied by proper evidence of their satisfaction or extinction.  

Acts 1950, No. 342, §15; Acts 1992, No. 235, §3, eff. Jan. 1, 1993; Acts 1993, No. 927, §2.  

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