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      RS 32:730     


§730.  Alteration and forgery; false name, address, or statement; other fraud

Whoever alters or forges any certificate of title to a vehicle, or any endorsement or sale and assignment thereof, or resale or reassignment thereof, or any cancellation of any chattel mortgage on a vehicle is guilty of forgery and punishable as provided by law.  Whoever holds or uses such certificate or endorsement of sale and assignment or cancellation knowing the same to have been altered or forged; or whoever uses a false or fictitious name or gives a false or fictitious address or makes any false statement in any application or affidavit required under the provisions of this Chapter, or in a bill of sale or sworn statement of ownership or otherwise commits a fraud in any application, shall, upon conviction thereof be punished by imprisonment not exceeding four years, or by fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court.

Acts 1950, No. 342, §33.

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