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      RS 32:877     


§877.  Custody, distribution and return of security

Cash security deposited in compliance with the requirements of this Part shall be deposited by the commissioner in an escrow account of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.  Such deposits shall be applicable to the payment of a judgment or judgments rendered against the person or persons on whose behalf the deposit was made, for damages arising out of the accident in question in an action at law, begun not later than one year after the date of such accident, or within one year after the date of deposit of any security under R.S. 32:874(A)(3).  Deposits of security in cash or negotiable securities shall be applicable also to the payment in settlement, agreed to by the depositor, of a claim or claims arising out of such accident.  Such deposit of cash or negotiable securities or any balance thereof shall be returned to the depositor or his personal representative when evidence satisfactory to the commissioner has been filed with him that there has been a full release from liability, or a final adjudication of nonliability, or a duly acknowledged agreement in accordance with R.S. 32:873(6), or whenever, after the expiration of one year from the date of the accident, or from the date of deposit of any security under R.S. 32:874(A)(3), the commissioner shall be given reasonable evidence that there is no such action pending and no judgment rendered in such action left unpaid.

Acts 1952, No. 52, §10.  Amended by Acts 1968, No. 602, §1; Acts 2001, No. 456, §1.

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