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      RS 32:892     


§892.  Suspension for non-payment of judgment; exceptions

A.  The commissioner, upon the receipt of a certified copy of a final judgment shall forthwith suspend the license and registration and any non-resident's operating privilege of any person against whom such judgment was rendered, except as hereinafter otherwise provided in this Section and in R.S. 32:895.

B.  If the judgment creditor consents in writing, in such form as the commissioner may prescribe, that the judgment debtor be allowed license and registration or non-resident's operating privilege, the same may be allowed by the commissioner, in his discretion, for six months from the date of such consent and thereafter until such consent is revoked in writing, notwithstanding default in the payment of such judgment, or of any installments thereof prescribed in R.S. 32:895 provided the judgment debtor furnished proof of financial responsibility.

C.  However, notwithstanding any provisions of this Part, satisfaction of any judgment or the giving of future proof shall not be required of a judgment debtor whose insurance company became insolvent subsequent to the accident from which the judgment arose.  Furnishing of acceptable written proof of such insolvency shall rest with such judgment debtor.

Acts 1952, No. 52, §13.  Amended by Acts 1968, No. 603, §1.

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