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      RS 32:897     


§897.  Alternate methods of giving proof

Proof of financial responsibility when required under this Chapter with respect to a motor vehicle or with respect to a person who is not the owner of a motor vehicle may be given by filing:

(1)  A certificate of insurance as provided in R.S. 32:898 or 32:899, or

(2)  A bond as provided in R.S. 32:903 or

(3)  A certificate of deposit of money or securities as provided in R.S. 32:904 or

(4)  A certificate of self-insurance, as provided in R.S. 32:1042, supplemented by an agreement by the self-insurer that, with respect to accidents occurring while the certificate is in force, he will pay the same judgments and in the same amounts that an insurer would have been obligated to pay under an owner's motor vehicle liability policy if it had been issued such a policy to said self-insurer.

No motor vehicle shall be or continue to be registered in the name of any person required to file proof of financial responsibility unless such proof shall be furnished for such motor vehicle.

Acts 1952, No. 52, §18.

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