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      CCRP 972     


Art. 972. Definitions

            As used in this Title:

            (1) "Expunge a record" means to remove a record of arrest or conviction, photographs, fingerprints, disposition, or any other information of any kind from public access pursuant to the provisions of this Title. "Expunge a record" does not mean destruction of the record.

            (2) "Expungement by redaction" provides for the expungement of records of a person who is arrested or convicted with other persons who are not entitled to expungement and involves the removal of the name or any other identifying information of the person entitled to the expungement and otherwise retains the records of the incident as they relate to the other persons.

            (3) "Interim expungement" means to expunge a felony arrest from the criminal history of a person who was convicted of a misdemeanor offense arising out of the original felony arrest. Only the original felony arrest may be expunged in an interim expungement.

            (4) "Records" includes any incident reports, photographs, fingerprints, disposition, or any other such information of any kind in relation to a single arrest event in the possession of the clerk of court, any criminal justice agency, and local and state law enforcement agencies but shall not include DNA records. Records shall also include records of an arrest based on a warrant or attachment for failure to appear in court for the same offense or offenses for which the person is seeking an expungement.

            Acts 2014, No. 145, §1; Acts 2019, No. 1, §1.

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