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      RS 37:848     


§848. Unlawful practice

            A. No person, not certified and registered under the provisions of this Chapter, shall embalm, or pretend to practice the science of embalming, or conduct the business of funeral directing; however, a licensed funeral director shall not be required to supervise the disinterment of a dead human body when disinterment and reburial is made in the same cemetery by its designated sexton who shall be responsible to supervise the disinterment and reburial.

            B. Every member of a firm or corporation engaged in the practice of the science of embalming or the business of funeral directing, or both, and the manager of each place of business conducted by such firm or corporation, whose duties engage him directly in the care and preparation, or the supervision of the disposal, burial or disinterment of dead human bodies, shall possess a certificate issued under the provisions of this Chapter.

            C. It shall be unlawful for anyone to engage in the business of funeral directing or embalming as defined in R.S. 37:831 unless such business is conducted by a duly licensed Louisiana funeral establishment.

            D.(1) Only a licensed embalmer may embalm a dead human body.

            (2) If the body is to be held by the funeral establishment longer than thirty hours after the time of death, it shall be embalmed or the body may be refrigerated continuously at a temperature not to exceed forty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

            (3) If the body is not embalmed or refrigerated, it shall be buried, cremated, or otherwise disposed of within thirty hours after death or as soon as possible after its release by the proper authorities.

            (4) If the condition of the body does not permit embalming by the introduction of chemical substances, fluids, or gas into the body by vascular or hypodermic injection or by direct application into the organs or cavities, it shall be embalmed by an outward application of such substances.

            (5) Every dead human body shall be disposed of and prepared through a funeral establishment and under the supervision of a licensed funeral home or embalmer.

            (6) Notwithstanding any provision of this Part to the contrary, a licensed hospital or medical school may hold a body for more than thirty hours without having the body embalmed and a licensed hospital, medical school, or the Bureau of Anatomical Services may dispose of any tissues or organs according to accepted procedures.

            (7) Nothing in this Subsection shall be construed to require embalming if specific practices and beliefs of religious groups prohibit it.

            E. The provisions of Paragraphs (D)(1) through (5) of this Section shall not apply to the Anatomical Board (R.S. 17:2271-2280).

            F. The provisions of Paragraphs (D)(1) through (5) of this Section shall not apply to accredited schools of mortuary science or funeral service.

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