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      SRULE 3.1.1     


Rule 3.1.1. Nomination of officers; selection procedure

           A. Immediately after the members take the oath of office on the second Monday in January, after their election every four years, the members of the Senate shall be eligible for selection, by secret ballot, and in the order named, for President and President Pro Tempore. The members of the Senate shall nominate for selection a Secretary and a Sergeant at Arms. A nominee for each office shall be selected and nominated by a majority vote of the members elected. The Secretary shall conduct the nomination and selection process for the nominees for each office. Any senator may observe the nomination and selection process.

           B. In the event there are more than two candidates nominated for selection for an office and if after balloting no candidate receives a majority vote for nomination to an office, a second ballot shall be cast between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes for selection and nomination for an office.

           C. Upon the selection of one nominee for each office, the nominee shall be elected as provided in Rules 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, and 3.8.

           Added by SR 215 of 2015 RS.

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