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      RS 30:9.2     


§9.2. Cross-unit well

            A. The following definitions shall apply where used in this Section:

            (1) "Cross-unit person" means an interested owner, interested party, or represented party as defined in LAC 43:XIX, other than a mineral lessee.

            (2) "Cross-unit well" means a well drilled horizontally and completed under multiple drilling units that is designated by the commissioner after notice and public hearing to serve as a unit well, substitute unit well, or alternate unit well for said units.

            (3) "Short unit" means a unit in which the proposed well shall have less than five hundred feet of perforated lateral.

            (4) "Timely objection" means an objection mailed to the commissioner and the applicant at least fifteen days prior to the application hearing.

            B. The commissioner is authorized to permit the drilling of cross-unit wells as provided in this Section.

            C. The commissioner shall not authorize or permit a cross-unit well that is proposed to have less than five hundred feet of perforated lateral in any unit to be served by the cross-unit well if one of the following occurs:

            (1) The preapplication notice and hearing application do not expressly set forth the cross-unit person's right to object to the application.

            (2) A timely objection is filed by a cross-unit person who owns an interest in a short unit and, on the date of the application hearing, the short unit either is not producing or is producing only from one or more horizontal laterals with a combined length of perforated lateral less than five hundred feet.

            Acts 2015, No. 253, §1.

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