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      RS 4:422     


§422.  Registration of agents

A.(1)  An athlete agent shall register with the division as provided in this Chapter before the athlete agent may contact an athlete.

(2)  An athlete agent must first be certified by the appropriate professional players association or associations in the professional league or leagues for which he is soliciting athletes in order to be registered as an athlete agent in this state.

(3)  For the purposes of this Chapter, any document required to be filed with the division shall be deemed filed when it is received either physically or electronically in any office designated by the division for the receipt of such documents.

B.(1)  A written application for registration or renewal shall be signed by the applicant, notarized, made to the division on a form prescribed by the division, and shall state:

(a)  The name of the applicant and the address of the applicant's principal place of business.

(b)  The business or occupation engaged in by the applicant for the five years immediately preceding the date of application.

(c)  The names and addresses of three references, including any persons, if any, with whom the applicant has dealt in his capacity as an athlete agent or in the practice of his business or profession, not to exceed three such persons.

(d)  The names and addresses of all persons, except bona fide employees on stated salaries, who are financially interested as partners, associates, or profit sharers in the operation of the business of the athlete agent.

(e)  The names and addresses of all athletes for whom the athlete agent is providing professional services for compensation at the time of the renewal.

(f)  The name and address of the applicant's agent for service of process, including an affidavit accepting such appointment from the applicant's agent for service of process, if not previously filed and on record with the secretary of state.

(2)  If the applicant is a corporation, the information required by this Subsection shall be provided by each officer of that corporation.  If the applicant is an association or partnership, such information shall be provided by each associate or partner.

C.  The registration is valid from July first of one year through June thirtieth of the following year.  An initial registration is valid until the first June thirtieth following the date of the registration.  Renewal of the registration may be made by the filing of an application for renewal.

D.  To produce sufficient revenue to offset the expenses incurred by the division in administering this Chapter, an annual registration fee of one hundred dollars shall be paid.

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