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      CCRP 985     


Art. 985.  Expungement by redaction of records with references to multiple individuals

A.  If a record includes the name of more than one individual and one or more of the individuals is entitled to an expungement of an arrest or conviction pursuant to the provisions of this Title, any individual entitled to an expungement may petition the court to have records related to the arrest or conviction of the individual expunged by redaction.

B.  If the court grants the expungement by redaction, the name of the individual and all other identifying information regarding the individual granted the expungement by redaction shall be redacted from all records regarding the arrest and conviction.  The redacted records shall be available for public access.

C.  The clerk of court shall not be liable for any damages resulting to any person or entity as a consequence of expunging or redacting or for the failure to expunge or redact any record where the expungement order does not specifically identify all locations of the records to be expunged or specify the information to be redacted.

Acts 2014, No. 145, §1.

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