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      RS 40:72     



§72.  Record of adoptions prior to July 27, 1938

When a person who was born in Louisiana and who was adopted prior to July 27, 1938, or when any person, who adopted prior to July 27, 1938, any person born in Louisiana, by observing the legal requirements for adoption in Louisiana existing at the time of the adoption, presents the original or a certified copy of the birth certificate of the adopted person and a certified copy of a final judgment decreeing the adoption or the notarial act of adoption, in accordance with the legal requirements existing on the date of the judgment or act of adoption, the state registrar shall make a record showing:

(1)  The date of birth of the person adopted.  

(2)  The new name of the person adopted, if his name was changed in accordance with law; and

(3)  The names and addresses of the adoptive parents and any other data about them that is available and adds to the completeness of the new certificate of the adopted person.  

Acts 1979, No. 776, §1.  

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