CCP 254     

Art. 254.  Docket and minute books

A.  In addition to other record books required by law, each court shall keep docket and minute books.

B.  The clerk of the court shall enter in the docket book the number and title of each action or proceeding filed in the court, the date of filing of the petition, exceptions, answers, and other pleadings, and the court costs paid by and the names of counsel of record for each of the parties.

C.  All orders and judgments rendered, all motions made, all proceedings conducted, and all judicial acts of the court during each day it is in session shall be entered in the minute book.

D.  An electronic record of the minutes which is not capable of alteration without indication that a change has been made may be maintained in lieu of a written entry.

Acts 1995, No. 1003, §1.