CCP 2592     

Art. 2592.  Use of summary proceedings

            Summary proceedings may be used for trial or disposition of the following matters only:

            (1) An incidental question arising in the course of judicial proceedings, including the award of and the determination of reasonableness of attorney fees.

            (2) An application for a new trial.

            (3) An issue which may be raised properly by an exception, contradictory motion, or rule to show cause.

            (4) An action against the surety on a judicial bond after judgment has been obtained against the principal, or against both principal and surety when a summary proceeding against the principal is permitted.

            (5) The homologation of a judicial partition, of a tableau of distribution or account filed by a legal representative, or of a report submitted by an auditor, accountant, or other expert appointed by the court; and an opposition to any of the foregoing, to the appointment of a legal representative, or to a petition for authority filed by a legal representative.

            (6) A habeas corpus, mandamus, or quo warranto proceeding.

            (7) The determination of the rank of mortgages, liens, and privileges on property sold judicially, and of the order of distribution of the proceeds thereof.

            (8) The original granting of, subsequent change in, or termination of custody, visitation, and support for a child; support for a spouse; injunctive relief; support between ascendants and descendants; use and occupancy of the family home or use of community movables or immovables; or use of personal property.

            (9) An action to compel an accounting at termination of parental authority; and an action to seek court approval to alienate, encumber, or lease the property of a minor, to incur an obligation of a minor, or to compromise the claim of a minor.

            (10) An action to annul a probated testament under Article 2931.

            (11) An action to enforce the right to a written accounting provided for in R.S. 9:2776.

            (12) An action for dissolution or specific performance of a compromise entered pursuant to Article 1916(B) or by consent judgment.

            (13) All other matters in which the law permits summary proceedings to be used.

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