JRULE 19     

Joint Rule No. 19.  General Appropriation Bill; time limitations

A.  Prior to a vote on a report of a conference committee on the General Appropriation Bill, the report shall lie over for at least forty-eight hours in the house in which the vote occurs. The General Appropriation Bill shall be unofficially enrolled to include and reflect the conference committee report.  The unofficial enrollment of the bill shall indicate or highlight in an appropriate manner any language being changed in or added to the bill by the conference committee report.  The summary shall include and indicate any language being removed from the bill by the conference committee report.  Copies of such unofficial enrollment and a summary thereof shall be available to members of the legislature at least twenty-four hours prior to a vote by either house of the legislature on such conference committee report.

B.  Either house of the legislature may waive the requirements of Paragraph A of Joint Rule 19 as it applies to the procedures of such house of the legislature by a majority vote of the elected members of such house.

C.  This Rule shall become effective at the convening of the 1996 Regular Session.

HCR 11, 1995.