CHC 522     

Art. 522.  Applicability

A.  A child advocacy center is established and becomes subject to the provisions of this Chapter when all of the following have been accomplished:

(1)  There is a multidisciplinary investigative team that is operational within the judicial district and in full compliance with the requirements of Part II of Chapter 1 of this Title.

(2)  An agreement to use the services of a child advocacy center has been executed by representatives of the district attorney, the office of children and family services, Department of Children and Family Services, the coroner, the sheriff, and any other law enforcement agency having responsibility in the district for the investigation of child abuse.

(3)  A nonprofit corporation certificate of incorporation has been issued or an agreement to create and assume responsibility for a child advocacy center has been executed by an existing nonprofit corporation or governmental unit.

B.  A child advocacy center established before August 15, 2003, has six months from that date in which to revise, if necessary, its policies and procedures to comply with the requirements of this Chapter.

C.  A child advocacy center may be established to serve the children and families of one or more judicial districts or parts thereof.

Acts 2003, No. 749, §1.