RS 32:210     


§210. Definitions

            (1) "Agent" means a director, officer, employee, or other person authorized to act on behalf of a business entity.

            (2) "Business entity" means a legal entity, including a corporation, association, partnership, or sole proprietorship, that is formed for the purpose of making a profit.

            (3) "Nonpedestrian area" shall consist of any divided highway, highway, roadway, or street where the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles per hour or less.

            (4) "Pedestrian area" means a sidewalk, crosswalk, school crosswalk, school crossing zone, or safety zone.

            (5) "Personal delivery device" means a powered device that travels at the speed of twenty miles per hour or less, is less than five hundred pounds, excluding cargo, is manufactured for transporting cargo and goods in a pedestrian area or supplementary areas, and is equipped with automated driving technology, including software and hardware, that enables the operation of the device with the remote support and supervision of a human being.

            Acts 2021, No. 214, §1, eff. June 11, 2021.