CHC 1158     

Art. 1158.  Order declaring parental rights terminated; time limitations; finality

A.  If a relinquishing parent has not sought timely to reclaim parental rights, and if no timely opposition to adoption has been filed by an alleged or adjudicated non-relinquishing father, the court shall, upon motion by the department filed within forty-five days after the relinquishment, render a judgment declaring the rights of the parents terminated.

B.  The effects of a judgment terminating parental rights are as set forth in Article 1038.  If the court has terminated the rights of both parents of the child, it also shall certify the child for adoption and continue custody in the department.

C.  No action to annul a judgment terminating parental rights pursuant to this Chapter shall be brought for any reason after ninety days from its signing or after a decree of adoption has been entered, whichever is earlier.

Acts 2003, No. 609, §2.