RS 32:295.3     

§295.3.  Leaving children unattended and unsupervised in motor vehicles; prohibition; penalties

A.  It is unlawful for any driver or operator to leave a child or children under the age of six years unattended and unsupervised in a motor vehicle.

B.(1)  The term "unattended" as used in this Section means a child who has been left in a motor vehicle when the driver or operator of the vehicle is more than ten feet from the vehicle and unable to continuously observe the child.

(2)  The term "unsupervised" as used in this Section means an unattended child when a person ten years of age or older is not physically present in the motor vehicle.

C.(1)  A law enforcement officer who observes a child left unattended and unsupervised for a period in excess of ten minutes in violation of the provisions of this Section shall use whatever means are reasonably necessary to protect the child and remove the child from the motor vehicle.

(2)  If the child is removed from the immediate area by a law enforcement officer pursuant to the provisions of this Section, the law enforcement officer shall place notification on the motor vehicle.  The law enforcement officer shall hold the child until the parent or guardian returns.

D.  Whoever violates this Section shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.  For each second or subsequent offense, the defendant shall be subject to imprisonment, with or without hard labor, of not less than one year nor more than two years and a fine of not less than one thousand dollars nor more than two thousand dollars, or both.

E.  Any law enforcement officer acting in good faith pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall have immunity from any civil liability that otherwise might be incurred or imposed.

Acts 2003, No. 1032, §3; Acts 2005, No. 30, §1.